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WIC is more than just a logo or an image. It's how we can build a new brand in the market which can combine all our experience in the field of import & export to meet our customers need and gain their trust and by giving them the opportunity to discover,interact and learn about our products.

The name "WIC" reflects our determination to provide our customer with something superior to the average products, as seen in our products collections. The company import produces of the very highest quality.

Our Mission

Provide our customers in Egypt and Middle East, the most innovative, high-quality products and world-class customer service by employing highly qualified team, innovative sales strategies, and an efficient technology driven distribution network.

Why WIC?

  • We offer to our clients an exquisite range of high quility Products,;
  • prices affordable for the average family;
  • We are here to provide the best only…. Best Product;
  • We have Extensive selections of products;
  • enriched decorative techniques and high durability.


Being honest in our thinking as well as in our actions, having a consistent behavior with what we say, inspire others to trust us.

Quality is central to everything we do at WIC, and is driven by every employee here. Our team continually monitor and evaluate our systems to ensure that we are providing best in class build quality. We are always raising the bar in line with our ISO standards
Ahmed Awad - Company CEO



WIC Company
331 eltahrir street, district 7, 6th of october, egypt
  (002) 0100 068 71 281
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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