WIC is a fast moving consumer goods company concentrating in foods and beverages


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    we provide our customer with something superior to the average products, as seen in our products collections. The company import produces of the very highest quality

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  • Red Fruits

  • Peach

  • lemon


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Volutpat mi in odio auctor
Posted on August 18, 2011
Aliquam in augue nec nibh vestibulum convallis. Praesent vel sapien sit amet sapien egestas blandit vitae vel neque. Maecenas porttitor ipsum ullamcorper justo blandit sagittis. In massa dui, fringill ..
Sed rhoncus leo sodales metus
Posted on August 18, 2011
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We are founded on the essence of creating greater value for consumers by utilizing the best global practices throughout our development process. When it comes to better understanding of local consumers,

Our Values

  • Teamwork and mutual respect.
  • Highly competent and motivated team.
  • Ethics, integrity and accountability.
  • Customer satisfaction.

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WIC Company
331 eltahrir street, district 7, 6th of october, egypt
  (002) 01065536405
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Haitham Saleh

Country Manger

Email: h.saleh@wicegypt.com

Phone: +966548471123

Raafat Ali

National Sales Manager

Email: raafat.ali@wicegypt.com

Phone: 01065536405

Ahmed awad

General Manager

Email: Ahmed@wicegypt.com

Phone: 01004537298

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