Al Waad Investment is a fast-moving consumer goods company focusing on the production of sparkling beverages and serving customers in both the local & global markets.

Tel : +202 369 10641

It’s time to Buzz your brain. With the sound and taste of sparkling bubbles, you’ll change your mood. Not only that, but it’ll provide you with delicious wide choices of 14 flavors. With such a wide range, you’ll definitely find what matches your brain.

Sparkling Fruit Drink with Flavors:

Cherry/Lime – Guava/Mint – Fruit Punch – Red Grape – Kiwi Limon – Pinacolada – Tangerine – Pineapple – lemon Mint – Green Apple – Apple Cinnamon

12 Glass Bottles x 300m, Shelf Life 12 Months

Dimensions/Shrink: L x W x H (cm): 24.5x18x22.5.
Weight/Unit: (NW/Ml) 0.300 (GW/Ml) 0.540.
Weight/Shrink: (NW/Kg) 3.60 (GW/Ml) 6.48.

20FT Capacity: (Standard Pallets – 1.20m x 1.00m) 1920(192 Shrinks x 10 Pallets) (No Pallets) 2800.

40FT Capacity: (Standard Pallets – 1.20m x 1.00m) 4032(192 Shrinks x 21 Pallets)(No Pallets) 4100.

Land Truck :(Standard Pallets(1.20m x 1.00m) 5376 (192 Shrinks x 28 Pallets).

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